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Mad mad fun at #BeautyNBlogger obstacle course

Now that’s innovation!


You lift a few rocks and receive clean and green energy for 30 minutes. You don’t need any batteries and you don’t pay anything apart from an initial cost of $10. Sounds unbelievable, but it’s true.

We love this innovative, low-cost lighting concept that
 aims to bring light to those who need it most.

Maharashtra’s worst drought in 40 years. #DryHoli anyone?

I heard it first from @Su_Power:

"Think we people should do our bit, to help with the #drought situation in #Maharashtra. Let’s be conscientious & save water this #Holi.”

Today my bro was talking to me about the same thing - why don’t we boycott Holi this year in solidarity (and common sense)?!

For most people, Holi is a celebration of life itself, emanating from the victory of good over evil and also signifying new beginnings or Diwali-like feelings of the journey from darkness to light, etc. 

It is celebrated with colors galore, by throwing color powder on each other from head to toe. What is otherwise a fun activity has been sabotaged by water, mud and even chemical colors. 

This year, in light of the drought millions out there are facing - can we vouch to celebrate Holi the traditional way as Dhulivandan, with dry colors only? 

In a classic case of West inspired by East, they are actually doing it the right way and showing us it’s equally fun! (Video)

Wish you a Happy #DryHoli this year. 

Save Water! We are lucky we have it.

Time to act on one of my most intimate and dearest dream of all time - surfing.

Pushing this goal higher
so that I prioritize it and do justice to my calling.

For someone with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (or being there, borderline), I need visual goals to keep me focused and on top of things. Here’s what the current goal sheet looks like:

That’s the near term goal sheet. 

Next to that is the top level visionboard, which helps me channelize thoughts and actions every time i drift (and trust me, it’s easy to drift when you’re caught up in day to day tasks and work). This is what it looks like:

At the very base are mind and body goals, stuff i want to hone, improve, learn or inculcate into my lifestyle. 

The ‘where’ part is more for the soul, a constant reminder that there’s a whole world out there, unexplored and waiting.

The ‘why’ is at the top of my ‘pyramid’ (ref: Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs) for altruistic goals. These are the things i care about, want to change or help change.

Putting this out in public to announce a renewed commitment to achieve these goals and also hoping that it inspires you to act or try and use a similar method to help achieve your own goals, dreams and fantasies. Because hey, if the Incans were right, we haven’t much time left.

Live free. Play hard. Shine on.

Disclaimer: this is something i’ve created for personal use. Most of the images used have been randomly found off the web. The only one i am able to credit is the fabulous surfer image by Nisa Maier. Please let me know if you own any of the other images i’ve used and want me to remove the same. This is purely for non-commercial use and i have *not* taken the effort to check CC licenses. 

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With almost every idea on the internet taken, it’s no surprise that something on the lines of what I’ve been working on for Wishlift is now out there - as Standard Chartered’s Breeze Banking Wishlist.

Honestly the campaign and it’s execution are both really well done, and i’m very curious to apply for a StanChart account with all the interesting features it has.

Here’s a look at the Wishlift mockup, by the way…

…and kudos to the brand managers + agency of the Breeze Banking campaign!

Last week I had my 1st co-working experience at The Bombay Hub.

They were hosting the Mumbai chapter of International Jelly Week.

Co-working spaces are not a new concept in Europe and the US.

In fact, last year my friend JP Chaclan from Guatemala was researching about bringing the concept to India.

For a city like Mumbai that’s deprived of space and startups and entrepreneurs mushrooming like jobs were so 20th Century, I think co-working is going to be the rule soon.

Currently you’d see this happening across cafes (Coffee Bean, Bandra being the best example), but reliable and scalable infrastructure is something only a designated co-working space can provide.

Consider the advantages of a co-working space as opposed to renting your own space as a freelancer / startup:

  1. Shared costs and resources, resulting in optimum allocation, minimal wastage
  2. Domain expertise / knowledge sharing among peers
  3. Strong support system, especially for small businesses
  4. Opportunities and possibilities from networking
  5. Discovery and constant learning


Jelly | Deskwanted | This Aint No Disco | Share UR Office |

Happy 2012 everyone! Wish you a blessed one.


New Year’s Eve: New Zealand - Sydney, Australia - Thailand - Dubai - Miami

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Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration has a fabulous list of The 101 Most Useful Websites. I keep updating a similar list locally in my bookmarks, so here’s my humble +10 contribution to add to the awesomeness:

1. Mashable’s 30+ Mind Mapping Tools roundup.

2. Burrp! TV - Interactive TV show listing & alerts manager (India).

3. eBooks & Documents - DocStock | Scribd

4. Scribble Maps - Draw on maps & share with friends.

5. PicknZip - Backup your Facebook photos into a ZIP file.

6. Soluto - Anti-frustration software to speed up your computer.

7. Pinterest - Discover & organize interesting images on the web into clusters.

8. Foodspotting - Discover the best foods & restaurants locally.

9. PocketMod - Great printable / printable personal organizer.

10. 43Things - List goals, share progress and help each other achieve them.